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Offering a New Course for Postgraduate Students
Health systems research is designed to study structure, finance, resources, services delivery and policy intervention that could be directly related to the performance of the system and quality of the services in a country. In the spring semester 2018, Sichuan University West China School of Public Health (the institution) approves a postgraduate course named The Introduction of Health Systems Research, which is hosted by the Centre member, Lecturer Li Qian. With 8 lecturers participate in teaching diligent preparation. Prof Yang Min, Prof Pan Jie, Lecturer Li Qian, Prof Zhou Xiaoyuan, Prof Qiu Peiyuan, and Prof Zhaoli, teaching assistant Teng Xinrui, together with Prof Wen Jin and Dr Zou kun complete 36 hours’ joint teaching from 5th March to 23rd April .

Offering a New Course for Postgraduate Students

The course is particularly suitable for postgraduates in the fields of Health Policy and Management, Social Medicine, Health Economics, Health statistics and Epidemiology. It consists of 8 modules covering knowledge on health system and its research, practice of framing research questions and developing research strategy, health care financing, health equity, basic methods of research design, evaluation intervention effects, measuring health system performance and using findings to influence policy. Teaching methods will include lecturing and group exercise, and interactive practice will be essentially participatory including journal club, brainstorming, case studies, and role play and action research. The course language will be bilingual in both Chinese and English.

Offering a New Course for Postgraduate Students

This course aims to make participants to

1. understand what is meant by “health system”, and the different disciplines and fields that contribute to health systems and policy research (HPSR)

2. be able to frame a health system-oriented research question

3. think through and identify an appropriate research strategy / study design for different types of health system research question

4. be able to reflect critically on rigour in conducting and interpreting health systems research

5. be aware of the range of ethical issues that arise in the context of health systems research

Offering a New Course for Postgraduate Students

 A majority of students who have chosen the course have positive reflections and made active communications with teachers upon the content. They appreciate the ingenious curriculum, multifarious practical cases so that they ultimately obtain productive knowledge of research learning. Even many other teachers, postgraduate and doctoral students attend the class regularly out of dissemination and recommendations by students who have chosen this course. Through the use of what they have learned in class, students choose their own field by theirselves in the health system framework, including health financing, health service delivery, health human resource, health information, medicine and science, health management… They will finish their biding document independently as the final examination.

Offering a New Course for Postgraduate Students

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