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MRC Project Meeting

"Learning from HealthSystems Strengthening in Maternal and Newborn Health(MNH) in China to Inform Accelerated Progress for Saving Lives in Africa"project meeting was held in theCenter during 10-14 Oct 2016. The participantsincluded Prof. Carine Ronsmans, Drs Melisa Martinez-Alvarez, Josephine Borghiand Yuan Huang from London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), and Profs. Hai Fang and Yanqiu Gao, and two research students from School of Public Health, Peking University, and Prof Min Yang and four research students in the Centre. At the meeting, the team from Beijing and the Centre reported on what health system data were collected on counties in Western China and in Sichuan respectively.The London team shared experiences of field work, data transcribing / translation and preliminary results of their qualitative study of Xide County in Sichuan. Participants worked together to revise and improve interview tools. Sample counties were selected; interviewers and interviewees were agreed; time schedule for the field work was planned; preparation work and logistics for the field work were arranged. The meeting also discussed potential data handling,analysis issues and possible solutions. Furthermore dissemination approaches were proposed.The meeting came to a successful conclusion, achieved its goal and made good planning and preparation for the follow-up work.

MRC Project Meeting(Linxin Liu)
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