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Centre held the west lake youth forum 2016

In June 21 to 23,sponsored by the China Medical Board(CMB) and assisted by Sichuan University West China Research Centre for Rural Health Development, the 2016 Westlake Youth Forum was held at Wangjiang Hotel in Chengdu city. The purpose of this forumis to provide networking opportunities for young researchers in the field of health policy and system sciences (HPSS) and therefore to promote cross-disciplinary research collaboration in order to handle major challenges jointly faced by the current health care reform in China. The ExecutiveVice president Prof. Li Hong, the Chairman of CMB Dr.Lincoln Chen, Honorary Dean of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and Academia Dr.Ba Denian addressed the Opening Ceremony.Aboutone hundred young researchers of domestic and overseas participated in the five days’ academic event.


The Executive Vice presidentProf. Li Hongdelivered anenthusiastic welcome speech.He praisedthe Centre’s research direction which is base at west China and aimsto develop a collaboration platform on health policy and systems of multidisciplinary disciplines covering preventive medicine, economics and management. A number oftraining session were delivered by foreign and domestic experts. Prof Matthew H Liang from Harvard Medical School gave a speech onhow to find a research question”. ProfSudhir Anand from Oxford University gave a presentation on“ Distribution of health human resource in China”,and Prof Jinling Tang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in his comments reminded young researchers that no matter“Publish or Perish,don’t forget the original intent of scientific research”.


During the youth research sessions, 16 young delegates gave oral presentation on their best studies, and over hundreds of youth research took part in the discussion. As a few examples, the Centre member assosiate professor Zhou gave a talk on “Growing population aging , a sword damocles on medical insurance”. Associate professor Xiaoguang Ma from Zhejiang University gave a speech on“Systems science methods in public health: A systematic review and a case study on Chinese obesity”.  Dr. Qian Shi from Tulane University introduced the effects of the Quality Blue Primary Care (QBPC) program on health outcomes in patients of Louisiana.Other delegates also shared their research with all participates. Professors Guoen Liu (Peking University)Hai Yu and Shankuan Zhu (Zhejinag University), George Liu (La Trobe University), Yuantao Hao (SunYiXian University), Xiao Ma and Min Yang (Sichuan University) chaired or commented for round table discussions for young researchers’ reports.

One highlight of the forum is two sessions of lunch time ‘clinic’ ran by mentors and experts duringwhich young researchers had opportunity to meet experienced experts to discuss research questions or career development challenges.


At the end of the forum , Dr Lincoln Chen and Prof Gabriel Leung shared their life experience with all the participates. Dr Jie Pan from the Centre gave an impressive summary speech of this event , and Dr Wenkai Li, CMB Beijing Office manager, highly praised the successful event in his wrap up speech. 

 Centre held the west lake youth forum 2016



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