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Center held the 1st“Health Systems Research Course”

The first “Health Systems Research Course” was held in the Center on Huaxi Medical Campus during 7-11 December2015. A mixed group of about 30 participators was young faculties and postgraduates from a number of colleges and universities, hospitals and health agencies in Sichuan province. The course was organized and run collaboratively with faculty in the Department of Global Health and Development at the LSHTM in the UK. Among the teachers were Prof. Kara Hanson Dr. Martinez-Alvarez, Lecturer Ben Hawkins, David Shallcross from the LSHTM and Dr. Qian Li from the Centre. Drawing from the newly published China HITthe content of the course covered for scope and concept of health system research, formatting health system research questions, research design and strategic planning under different research questions, research conduct and results interpretation. Entirely new sessions were developed on theory of change, policy impact and process evaluation, and action research. All participators were in small group discussions, journal clubs and group work on a project. At the end of the course Prof Yang Min and Prof. Carine, the directors of the Centre were invited to evaluate each group’s proposal of their project research and give some suggestions, Many of the exercises associated with lectures such as those on ethics and policy transfer required students to apply the material presented to their group project, developing for example a knowledge transfer strategy for their research proposal. All experts’ specialized guidance and positive participation make this course a good effect.
Center held the 1st“Health Systems Research Course”


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