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Countdown in-depth country case study: CHINA

This is a subcontract of the above project led by Prof Carine Ronsmans of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine with Sichuan University. Prof Min Yang of the Center is the Principe Investigator for the subcontract.

The overall aim of this case study is to document and understand trends and socio-economic and geographic inequalities in maternal and newborn mortality and fertility in China over the last twenty years. The focus of this work will be on system inputs and outputs that have enabled progress towards universal access to basic and comprehensive obstetric care in health facilities, particularly for the rural poor and those living in remote areas, and the financing mechanisms that facilitated removal of financial barriers at the point of care.

The research activities will involve literature search and systematic review of evidences, secondary data analysis of aggregated data, document analysis, taking part in project workshops and preparing research report.

Based in Western China, our work is to assist expanding evidence base on effective delivery strategies to achieve high, sustained and equitable coverage at adequate levels of service quality to achieve an impact, and on the policy, health system and financial determinants of equitable coverage.

The project is on-going, and the team will participate in workshops and contribute to project reporting.

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